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I have a new policy on texting.

My new policy more information on texts. when a customer texts me with any problem, my answer on texts is ALWAYS going to be from now on: " Thanks for the heads up, let me come by or have the guys come by and try to determine the problem and solution." period. no more of this trying to trouble shoot by text, no more of this language and inflection problem that comes with text with a client. And I am thinking about the day when texting me is no longer considered communication to get things fixed. with employees and the answering service texts, I am not making this up, I got 5700 text messages in novemeber. at 200 texts per day, it is WAY too easy for that random number saying- "hey can you come by? the tree is half out-thanks!" to get lost in the ocean.

when folks are telling me their lights are not working, I will no longer take the bait on solving by text.
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