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Originally Posted by Chris Feenan View Post
Your killin' me !!!

It's a big world guy. Just because you "can't see it" from the vantage point of Greenville, South Carolina doesn't mean it's not out there.

Here, we have town trucks come through every two weeks with giant tow behind leaf loaders and a 4 man crew on the ground. They remove any leaves that we can get to the curb. We blow, rake, tarp and bag them, get them to the curb, and drive away.

Also, there are many "professional LCO's around the country that are not solo guys, or 3 or 4 guys, that work for high end customers. These people would never tolerate mulching leaves until they "disappear". They will pay whatever is necessary, to whatever professional LCO that wants to do it, to have them hauled away.
We may be behind down here in the south, but we're not that far behind LOL we have the same trucks, why bag if they have a vacuum? I have several high end clients myself, and they don't care how you get rid of the leaves just get rid of the leaves, how I do it is up to me, I'm the owner of my business and it's my business as to know how to get up the leaves in an efficent manner, like I said earlier once we're done you don't know if they were raked mulched or blown unless you saw us doing it. I've not had nothing but great job comments from all my customers so far even the high end ones, if done properly you can't tell. we just make sure the leaves don't build up to where we are forced to rake and tarp.

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