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I offer 6 applications but was only able to do 5 this year due to the drought. The 1 summer app did not have fertilizer applied but was more of a spot spray for cg, nutsedge, and what ever broadleaf popped up. I offer 6 because in my experience I would like to be on the lawn as frequent as possible to check for damage and the over all status of the lawn.

For the customers that get 4 apps, I do the 2 spring and 2 fall routine. 3 apps I would go 1 spring, and 2 fall. Neither get free service calls or get to pick when I show up. I still give them the premium apps because my sign still goes in their lawn and I am still trying to give them the most bang for their buck.

I agree with making agronomic decisions over monetary decisions but I am still running a business that I need to be able to sustain. There is a balance there that kept me in business this year. I have 280 customers and if I would have cut out 2 applications instead of 1 I would be out of business. I cut 1 due to agronomics, I kept 1 due to finances. I still feel like I did the right thing.
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