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We run a 22'x8' v-nose, it's our complete supply house on wheels. I think I have posted pics here before. Along the left side are all shelves that are 2' deep, along the right side is shelves that are 1' deep with parts bins. The very front at the v-nose entrance is separated off and where we put the rolls of Polly. When we stock it we get 4 stacks of pipe and then another 6 rolls standing up around the stacks. It's a car carrier so we have no problem putting the dingo in the middle with a few different attachments. The trailer is setup for both irrigation and lighting installs.

It works great but gets real difficult in the city when you trying to maneuver down old narrow roads with cars parked on both sides, or making a lot of corners. I have been keeping my eyes open for a cab over with 20'-24' box, side door with access steps, and a tailgate lift that can handle the dingo. Then I'll ideally do the same setup as the trailer is.
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