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Originally Posted by ksss View Post
I really fail to see the huge advantage that Kubota provides. BC has been running these engines for sometime, compared to their other previous options its certainly a step up (Puegot, Duetz). BC machines have never been overpowered with Kubota, always showing below everyone but CAT in torque. However the Kubota engines in the D series CATs show some impressive numbers. If your buying a BC for the Kubota engine I think your missing something. I am not saying its not a decent engine, it is but Doosan will more than match the Kubota.
I don't really think that there's a real tangible benefit to the Kubota engine other than the fact that it has very good brand equity which helps the value of the machine. This is a result of them being a very reliable, long running engine.

There are many other engines out there Shane like you mention that would do the job just fine. I'm not sure which engine Doosan will put in the Bobcat now, but it may be the Daedong engine that they've been running in the Kioti tractors. In the long run, the new engine's reliability, or lack thereof will have to be proven.
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