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Originally Posted by KS_Grasscutter View Post
Headache rack looks good!
Thank ya
Originally Posted by McG_Landscaping View Post
Looks good! You should repaint the plow!
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Thanks, I think its in the works some time.
Originally Posted by KrayzKajun View Post
Love the new hoodies.
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Thank you, I'm really enjoying them myself!
Originally Posted by lawnpropm View Post
Love the picture of the truck and trailer with the storm clouds in the back ground.
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I thought it would be a pretty sweet picture, right time right place I reckon.
Originally Posted by DLONGLANDSCAPING View Post
you have come a long way buddy! Looks like your doing great! I hope everything with your family has settled down. Just curious, what are you doing to overseed the lawns? Do you have a splice seeder, or are you aerating? Throwing seed ontop of the lawn wont do much, so i doubt thats what your doing.

Lastly, do you have requirements for lights on your trailer in kansas? Ive never seen a set of lights on one of your trailers. I would get a ticket every day if i have a marker light out on my trailer.

What are your plans for winter? How many accounts (com/res) and percentage of each do you have.
On overseeds, I verticut the seed in typically, unless of course the dirt is already turned over and loose. I do have an aerator as well though that gets run sometimes depending on circumstances.

On the trailer, I've got lights on the trailer, they're LED strips on the gate of the trailer. About 1ft long and pretty low profile. But they're there, the local DOT has done nothing but hassle me ever since I got my diesel.

For this winter I'll be working on equipment maintenance, DOT compliance. I do plan to be going to class to get Kansas state certified as a backflow tester as well, so that'll really help the business. The irrigation side of the business is getting bigger by the day it seems. Local guy was getting out of the business, so I ended up taking on his 20 accounts, and have since sold them on much more work. For snow, I got quite a few secured accounts and quite a few more new ones for this season. I'd say I'm probably about 80 percent commercial and 20 residential. When it snow I'm extremely busy for sure.

Got the cab lights on today and finally got my strobes wired up, cab lights are not stock ford lights, very pleased with the way they look on the truck!
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