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Originally Posted by alldayrj View Post
I've gone 16 hrs without peeing and thats killing a case of water bottles with 2 guys. Dad used to have a theory that if you have to pee you're not working hard enough
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I used to have the same theory, until one night in basic training when I woke up and my testicles were swollen, wash was litterly the size of a base ball, the pain was so bad I couldn't move. The only thing funny about it was when I screamed in pain one of the guys went and got the drill sgt on. When he came in the room and saw my junk, all he could say was "holy ****" and called an ambulance. Turns out I got a massive infection which developed into epididymitis, the infection was caused by not urinating enough. I finally started listening to the drills when they would say if your not peeing your not drinking. Since then I have had a few other medical problems from dehydration. Now, you will very rearly see me without a bottle of water within each.

Too add about peeing in a customers yard. For me it's not worth it. I have a buddy who pulled over on the side of the highway on his bike when on a ride with a bunch of guys. He went into the woods out of sight to pee, when he came out a statie was parked behind them and asked what he was doing in the woods. He told the statie what he did and that he was sure to be out of sight. Statie said it didn't matter, cuffed him, out him in the back of the car and then he spent the next few years on the sex offender list.
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