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If you have a successful landscape/hardscape year then you will need a tax deduction or pay taxes. Let the maintenance equipment, marketing etc be that deduction. Difference is it can pay you back a return. Pay the money, get a good guy to do it and look at it as an investment. Hopefully that investment grows for you. My International 4300 is a 2002 with almost 190k miles on it now and people think its new because of a paint job and washing it. The low-pro I bought is a '97 with a 7.3L. It's more of a backup and lighter duty/landscape truck.

Every Tom, Dick and Harry around here does mowing and there's a lot of competition in the spring but when the drought hits and things slow in the summer they all seem to disappear.

People buy from people...........go talk to people (home shows, neighbors etc). Its about trust and delivering.........then comes price.
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