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Speaking of flat tires get a load of this...

For the first time ever, I couldn't believe what my eyes were seeing...
About two months ago I was mowing along when I noticed the front tire was flat, so I went to the truck and pulled out the 12v Jump-start Powerpack with the compressor but when I got back to the Z I saw this nasty surprise...

A wood stick had caused the tire to go flat, somehow this stick had pushed in to the tire just right, it came in where the rubber tire valve stem was and don't ask me how but it managed to slip in beside the valve and the hole in the rim, totally cracked the rubber so even after I pulled the stick the valve stem was just barely hanging there...

I have a pretty complete set of tire tools but what I don't carry with me are valve stems because the special tool required takes up too much space... Plus re-seating the bead...

I was hating it thou...
I knew I had just lost an hour.

I went back to the truck and grabbed the hydraulic jack and a few tools...
Lifted the front of the Z off the turf and pulled the front tire off.
Back to the truck, threw the tire in back, then grabbed all hand tools out of the trailer...
Threw those in back as well and unhooked the trailer.
Drove home.

Had the tire fixed, new valve stem and all, 5, 10 minutes tops.
But it still cost me an hour in back and forth.

Pays to come prepared, and have spare parts back at the base.
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