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We have a very nice live paid answering service that takes excellent messages and we always call folks back unless asked not to and we just do whatever service they mention.

texts often make sense for employees needing one key piece of infomation-address, outlet location, wreath placement, working saturday, etc. When I am in sales meetings constantly like last week, it can be a huge time saver. Also being able to send texts to all employees at once looking for a short piece of timely key information- "anybody know where the impact wrench is?" "Did anyone borrow the e450?" And many times customers often on text are very nice- "Dave, no need to come out tonight, but if someone could come out tomorrow and change a few bulbs, I would appreciate it" "Dave- thanks for the bow on the wreath, it looks great" All of these are entirely MADE for texts and save huge time.

But more and more often, texts and even voicemails allow folks to be a bit more snarky than they are in person or on the phone in person. zingers like "David-not happy" and that is it. or "not impressed" The worst- "call me NOW". I believe texts allows some folks to be more aggressive than a live conversaion on phone or definetly than in person. Responding with "I am in a meeting, can call you in 30" can help, but often just creates another aggressive text from folks who want a bit of control.

so texts have allowed some folks to use the form of communication to bully me a bit. further, the back and forth, trying to appease the customer who obviously loves to text rather than talk, can waste time. you are correct that it makes sense in many instances to pick up the phone rather than try to work it out on text. that is what I want to stop.

Somehow to keep the good of text but get rid of the bad.
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