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I did a sort of cost/benefit analysis earlier this year. When you look at the cost, lifespan of equipment and batteries and other little factors, it doesn't make sense to try to go all electric. The killer is the batteries and that holds true no matter what environment you look at, whether it's outdoor power equipment, solar power for your house or automotive.

The batteries are good for about 45 minutes and then they have to be recharged. And as the batteries are cycled they loose a little ability to maintain a charge for a specific amount of time. When they're new they are good for about 45 minutes. As they age the time goes down that they will hold a charge. By about 500 rechargings, the batteries are so weak that they have to be replaced.

For a solo operator it goes something like this. If in an 8 hour workday you use a trimmer for 3 of those 8 hours. That's 180 minutes. You'll need 4 batteries just to work one day. Bear in mind that that the time the battery is good for goes down each time the battery is recharged. So by the time you get to the end of the battery's lifespan you'll probably need 6 batteries just to use the trimmer for 180 minutes.

Do you see where I'm going with this? It is cost prohibitive.

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