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Bad Boy is not an equal mower in my opinion(you get what you pay for). I have extensive design, fabrication, assembly and welding experience so I have a keen eye which is very very picky(to picky). They keep there costs down by limiting there designs using basic fabrication/assembly techniques. This doesn't always equal the best design for durability and strength but keeps production costs down, thus lowering the end cost to the consumer. I would say Bad Boy is worth what they sell them for but you can't compare them to other top manufacturers that build machines stronger than they have to be and spend a ton on R&D. Cut quality would also be a concern for me as why would they spend any more money on that aspect instead of build design, but who knows? BB customer service has been horrific with many stories on this site.

This is just my personal opinion for what it's worth. Others will say BB builds the best machine out there and just sells it cheaper. I think most people can figure out why on there own...
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