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Originally Posted by retrodog View Post
Ok badboy is a piece of crap, cant weld, china steel, wobbly blades, clone trans and motors from china, simply cant cut grass, dont warranty anything, charge fortune for cheaper chinese parts, painted with spray can, and should only be carried at the chinese go cart places. Thats why nearly every school district, city municipalty, factory, and lco here has one on their trailer and nearly every homeowner here talks about getting one at work during their lunch breaks. We sold over 50 to people to people that work at kimberly clark alone here this year, and sold 48 in one day this year. they said it was the main conversation at lunch. I had over 50 people that put deposits down and badboy couldnt even get their machines here for over athe month cause they were so far behind in production. We had 5 people buy that had scag demoes at there location, one guy been researching for 3 months pestering me to death till he got the 28hp cat turf tiger and the badboy side by side at his house. Exmark dealer is telling everyone they cant believe we are sellong so many because they are more expensive than i have guys telling me what pos's their botas, exmarks, and other mowers are compared to their badboys, i am sure that goes both ways too i have a few guys that tried them and got a bad taste in their mouth just like in all things, just saying they are formidle now as a mower in the industry unless all these guys including me are complete morons, so issue solved stay as far away from badboy as you can now back to the kubota thread. I apologize to op i should've just pmed the guy that had a question about the mowers i carry
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I don't know much about BB mowers, but that's a BOLD statement comparing them to a 28 hp Cat TT...
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