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Originally Posted by phillie View Post
I offer 6 applications but was only able to do 5 this year due to the drought. The 1 summer app did not have fertilizer applied but was more of a spot spray for cg, nutsedge, and what ever broadleaf popped up. I offer 6 because in my experience I would like to be on the lawn as frequent as possible to check for damage and the over all status of the lawn.

For the customers that get 4 apps, I do the 2 spring and 2 fall routine. 3 apps I would go 1 spring, and 2 fall. Neither get free service calls or get to pick when I show up. I still give them the premium apps because my sign still goes in their lawn and I am still trying to give them the most bang for their buck.

I agree with making agronomic decisions over monetary decisions but I am still running a business that I need to be able to sustain. There is a balance there that kept me in business this year. I have 280 customers and if I would have cut out 2 applications instead of 1 I would be out of business. I cut 1 due to agronomics, I kept 1 due to finances. I still feel like I did the right thing.
What you just stated makes perfect sense! You have to look at the conditions and react.

We spray for nutsedge, crabgrass and summer annuals but it is an additional charge (unless we do it in combination with grub).

But my main point is like you. If a person is paying for four apps...why cut them on weed control just to make you 6 app program look better. You can have a stout program with 4 apps and I would argue with anyone that says there is a big difference in 4 and 6 apps here in OH as spotting a few weeds is hard to even be noticed.

Nitro says there is practically night and day difference in 4 and 6 apps. I would argue that all day!!!

I have an awesome business that is based on 4 apps or I wouldn't say this.
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