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Originally Posted by GreenI.A. View Post
i have a duel BS and am working on both a MS and MBA.

I don't think a degree is 100% necessary for a good business, but it does definitely help. Having a business, or business related, degree will definitely help with the behind the scenes of a business. Like tony said above, even if you don't go for a full degree, taking a few basic classes such as communications, writing, low level business and accounting classes will definitely go far at helping you and the business.

I'll add this, college is more about the learning process than the subjects you actually learn. This is why companies will prefer any type college degree for basic positions over someone with out a degree. College shows that you know how to learn and can learn different topics/subjects. I can also say, 90% of the time I talk to someone for a few minutes, I can clearly tell if they have a college degree or not by how they talk and present themselves. If you do not think this effects your business, it does.
This post explains it all.

I will graduate with an Associate's in Horticulture in the spring (1 class remaining). I still haven't decided if I will pursue another degree. I spent 1.5 years (3 semesters) right after high school at UND pursing accounting but I didn't like being there and I had transferred to Anoka Technical College. Had 2 really crappy teachers (old guys) and they retired after my first semester here. The newest teacher (there are 2 existing, younger teachers) is actually a landscape contractor and is only in his lower 30s. Basically a hardscape genius, we did a permeable paver patio w/ 2 waterfalls crashing onto it and the water runs through and recycles back through the falls with 3 freestanding walls, as a project in class. Now that we finished the project, each student is using Pro Landscape Design Software to design what they would want for plants, mulch, lighting, around it.

In my eyes, getting an education, whatever it may be, is never a waste. Except maybe Women's Studies or Fine Art or some BS like that.
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