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Originally Posted by Landscape Poet View Post
I simply do not see how you guys plan/budget, when you really have no idea on what is going to happen with the weather. It simply is not a good business model if you ask me, to many variables in doing lawns by the cut.

What if it does not rain? You have missed income potential yet still have expenses even getting to the property let alone your overhead. How can you accurately account for this in your business?
What if your customer calls and says it is dry and it really does not need it and to skip this week . Say they do that for 2 weeks out of a month. How did you plan for that?
They want estimate for leaves before the leaves fall. How do you accurately price this when you do not know if you will be doing dry leaves, how many there will be, what if it really wet and cold - that will take longer right? How do you account for this?

In my opinion you guys that are forced to do by cuts up north are not running your business, mother nature and your customer is as the dictate how much work you get and when.
This is my exact point for this thread.

Like I said I've "yet" to run into weather issues but that is only delaying the inevitable. The next round of incoming lawn maintenance will be fixed monthly.
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