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I guess every situation is different. I've noticed people making cuts in their budget, and a few customers cut back my service, and i had to drop others, because they were letting their yards go, and expected the same price. For right now, i've decided to only take jobs that are close. The drive time and expense had to be changed for me. If something is pretty close, i'll give 3 prices. For march through october, i'll give a regular service price (the best option , For on call jobs, i'll go higher to make it an unattractive option. Yes, i have to do on-call stuff right now, and it is helping me. Once it's edged and done right, it doesn't take me long. For non scheduled customers during fall/winter, i price each job separately according to the amount of leaves/debris. I'm not saying that I am right, It just leaves no doubt about how much i am going to charge. Whenever i can, i drop hints that regular service yards look the best, and i have converted a few. I have about 85% regular service accounts, and i'll work until all the leaves are gone. The gap in service before spring is not that long , because we have mild winters in Louisiana.
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