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The TrimStar uses the chassis and the same deck as our Super Duty Fastrak ZTR unit. The deck is able to handle grass in a high volume. I was raised with the old variable speed Bobcats. When I finally made it to the hydro walkbehind I found out what I was missing with the positive reverse and no loss of traction in the wet areas. Most of the walkbehind hydros require two hand operation and a squeezing of a pistol grip. The TrimStar with its H-Bar needs only one hand and no squeezing. With my little paws I had a hard time with most of the pistol grips. Working for Hustler I may come across a bit bias but I did have a life earlier that involved working as a dealer and Distributors of other products. The TrimStar is one of our best kept secrets.

Brian O
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