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Hey everyone,
So we are a month since the initial post and I figured you guys should know the turnout of this situation, since this thread has over 11,000 views.
Well briefly speaking with the JCB representative Bob from Maryland a few weeks back, he took my info and problems and said he would talk to management and would get back to me. That has not happened. I then asked my dealer to have him contact me, since I did not get his direct contact when we spoke. My dealer Contacted him and said he was on a week vacation (2 weeks ago) but would get a hold of me in the next couple days. ( it has been 12 days since that email). I guess it is important to know how you are treated after the sale. I do feel the dealer has helped me out... i.e. giving me machines to use while mine was being towed away and repaired, but I feel the manufacturer could not care less about a small company who bought one machine. I do think they are missing the scope of my concerns reaching the purchasing public on here.

I hope this whole ordeal benefits someone on here.
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