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Hemlock Yellowing can you help?

Central NY landscaper here. I have some yellowing of two hemlocks I installed in late spring. Here are the details:


Zone 5 Syracuse
Installed in late June
Clay soils
Full to partial sun
Amended soils with 50% compost.
Hole was 2x the size of root ball
Pierced holes in hole to aid in drainage.
Did great all summer and fall. Lush and green. Despite drought.
Customer burlapped trees to protect from drying winds. Not to my specs!

Customer sprayed a desicant product on a few weeks ago before burlapping, then called me last week to come out for yellowing leaves. Hmmmm...


Yellowing inside. Green lush inside.

I went over and checked for wooly adelgid but could find no white wool or the reddish pests. I also did the white paper test for spider mites but came back negative. I don't really know what rust looks like but I am hoping someone can clear that up.

As you can see from the pictures I found yellow tips but a nice green inside. Other hemlocks 2 houses down are lush and green. My thoughts are either this product he sprayed, sun scald, or wind damage since the affected area is surface only. He also tends to over do things and I wondered if he watered too much.

Can you help me? Any ideas? I will also post this on

-Thanks Chris
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