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Originally Posted by DA Quality Lawn & YS View Post
That is the way it is run up north, at least for resi's. NO one is going to pay for mowing service when there is a ft of snow on the ground.
Whatever you guys do....DO NOT ...I repeat...DO NOT THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX.....please just continue to make excuses of "that is the way it always has been" and "no customer would ever go for that". Yet kick back and wonder why you have commercial guys working year round ...but not on residential.

Some businesses understand that making their services more affordable to the consumer - well "perceived more affordable" - helps bring them business. They understand extending credit gets them more business especially from those that could not afford the service unless it was made more affordable over the long term. Why would lawn care be any different up there????????? IF and this is a big IF....IF you could afford to lower the perceived payment for the customer while making more per cut....would you do it? It is with that approach I think you guys could have luck....keep it simple for you and the homeowner. The issue is as we all know - most lawn boys do not have enough cash to take care of what they need too .....let alone extend credit to others, Hence why almost every mower company has a finance plan....because lawn boys can not manage money and the mower companies understand they can sell more mowers at a higher price if they give you credit........correct? Tell me where I am wrong here.

The key for all of you up there I think is to bankroll all their projects...mulch once a year, fertilizaiton, leaf clean up, x amount of estimated mows at a premium prices for you...into 12 equal monthly payments to them. They enjoy the lower level payment and know if that is within there budget of course get more work as more people can afford your "monthly rate" and you are making interest on your investment by charging more for each service ....but the customer sees that monthly payment....that is all they care about....they know they can afford that $ amount. Which is why you see everyone from car dealers to big box retailers advertising items not in TOTAL COST.....but rather monthly payments.
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