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Stihl electric handhelds

If you were to buy a new 2cycle trimmer and two gallons of 2cycle oil. 1 spark plug, air filter, fuel filter, and 140 gallons of gas. Which is what one of my guys use for a 28 week season. The cost of the Stihl battery powered trimmer with 3 batteries and a charger. Come out to about the same at the end of year. With gas spread out over the course of the year and the electric all up front.
So the second year the 2 cycle user still has the same costs as he did the year before prices being the same. Where as in theory the electric user would only have to buy batteries about 60 a piece. So that being said the second year electric user makes out better.
What I want to know is if you are using one do you like the way it performs. Does it do as advertised?
What issues have you had with it? I.E. you got caught out in the rain and it stopped working.
If you need to charge the battery how are you doing it? I.e. solar how are you doing it? Inverter what issues are you finding with the vehicle ?starting etc.
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