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Originally Posted by StanWilhite View Post
GMLC I can't understand why you have your "stinger run out" for BB. I've never heard you say that you've ever owned one, or.....operated one for any length of time, or.....that you even personally know anyone that's ever owned or operated one. If I'm wrong about this please enlighten me. This in itself should disqualify you from insinuating that you know something that we owners don't.

But, let me add, I understand the personal preference of yours to designs that incorporate "curves" instead of "straight lines and angles". You formerly admitted that was something you didn't like about BB....but that appeared to be the only thing you could specifically come up with that you didn't like.

But that has nothing to do with the build quality of BB. Do you realize that the commercial BB's use 4 frame rails where others use 2? Do you realize that all BB's (even the most inexpensive model) have the thickest deck of ANY ZTR manufacturer's decks? Do you know of a problem with BB frames that any other builder doesn't have?...because I don't. If you do, please let us know about it.

So they look "boxy" compared to some other mowers...I'll give you that....but so do several other brands. Why don't you have a big issue with those manufacturers too?

As I said, it helps no one to hate something just for the sake of hating it, but it certainly doesn't help anyone when you won't admit that the appearance is the only reason you hate them, and try to turn other people off by making statements like "I'm sure most people can figure it out on their own". Figure what out? Why don't you help us "figure it out" if you know something we don't.

Making statements like the ones you so often make, are just a scare tactic to try to turn away from BB, when you don't have any legitimate specific complaint. Why would you, or anyone for matter, want to do that?

Some people , for some reason, can't help themselves when it comes to making completely unfounded remarks. You just can't reason with someone that is unreasonable. That's something I "can figure out on my own".

I think a good rule to live by would be that you should have experience with any eqp before making any statements...good or bad...about it.

To the OP, sorry, I'm out.
Im cursed as I spent most of my teenage years working at my uncles fabrication/machine shop. I was in charge of quality control for several of those years which involved testing welds with x-rays, reading blue prints and specs, setting up jigs and a lot of time on Auto-CAD. All before becoming a master technician by my mid 20's. It doesnt take me long to look at any equipment and form an opinion which I feel Im highly qualified to do. As I said before spend some time at a machine shop and learn about production methods and fabrication. Actually maybe you shouldnt because you may end up like me.....

I would also suggest you write a detailed review of your BB with tons of pics of your machine inside and out. Also please include cut quality pics at all angles and even at ground level.
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