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Originally Posted by yardguy28 View Post
I'm always surprised at the opinions of how to bill clients. and to me what seems simple seems to be complicated to others.

I have always done the work for the month and invoiced for the work performed at the end of the month. if I only cut grass twice that month for $32 per cut then they receive a $64 invoice. if I did 4 cuts plus pruned shrubs for an hour at $35 per man hour then they receive an invoice for $163. if no work was done no invoice is sent.

guess it gets into how you manage your money in my opinion. I have enough saved up at all times and manage it where I don't need to actually be receiving checks every month of the year. I don't need a certain amount of money coming to me 12 months out of the year. the amount is the same whether it comes to me in 6 months, 9 months or 12 months. I still receive the same end total.

in the end I personally will take payment any way I can get it. I have some clients who are actually home and pay me when I'm done each week. most pay me on a monthly basis after I send them an invoice.

I have yet to have anyone pay a whole year up front or ask for a 12 month payment plan.

Money Mgmt is not the issue....the issue is your income is controlled by the customer and the weather, those two factors can limit the amount of money your gross if's ands or but's . You are limited to what the God's give you with a per cut basis.

Now can you plan a good strategy with your money - sure - it is advised I would think - but what happens when during what is typically your busiest time of the year there is a drought...and your income is down 75% vs a regular year...does that make sense to you? Does that sound like a sound business plan to you?
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