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Originally Posted by Landscape Poet View Post
The key for all of you up there I think is to bankroll all their projects...mulch once a year, fertilizaiton, leaf clean up, x amount of estimated mows at a premium prices for you...into 12 equal monthly payments to them. They enjoy the lower level payment and know if that is within there budget of course get more work as more people can afford your "monthly rate" and you are making interest on your investment by charging more for each service ....but the customer sees that monthly payment....that is all they care about....they know they can afford that $ amount. Which is why you see everyone from car dealers to big box retailers advertising items not in TOTAL COST.....but rather monthly payments.
I agree with your thought process. People are completely focused on payment rather than total cost. However I don't like "bankrolling" larger things like mulch or clean up jobs. If they walk you're out on the non repeating services.
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