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Question for those that have hired attorneys...

I'm quickly getting to the point of pitching in on the Dupont process and hiring an attorney. Have any of you who have retained a lawyer seen any type movement in your cases?

Once the attorneys gather info, are cases moved to court immediately or are any of the lawyers trying to work through Dupont directly?

I think I would prefer a local attorney. Are cases filed in your local courts? Has anyone retained a lawyer in southeast Michigan yet?

I can't imagine Dupont is actually going to send a team of lawyers around the country to fight these cases one by one. Their foot-dragging is becoming tedious and makes me want to go to court where I would suspect all of us with damage should have a real solid case since fault is undeniable. At the same time, I really want to move on with the clean-up and get my yard back the way it was... if that's going to be possible.
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