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Originally Posted by larryinalabama View Post
I dont have any degrees and If you go to school 4 years please do something besides cutting grass.

Im a Master Mechanic and could fall back on tht if ever needed. I would encourage everyone to have a backup plan, try to learn some sort of trade. I guess the irragation fellers could fall right into pluming, or the lighting fellers could fall into electrictions.

You never know when a drout or even gas going up to 7$ per gallon could wipe out our business.
If it were only "cutting grass" you wouldnt be in business for yourself. You would be a laborer, not a BUSINESS OWNER. Regardless of what industry it is and services or products a business offer, you are still an owner, whether it be a garbage hauling company or an investment brokerage. When you own a garbage hauling service, you are not "just hauling garbage", or "just selling stocks". There is much more to it. Same goes with owning restaurants or whatever. Many go to college, many don't. But owning a service business is much more than just doing the service. That is how an ignorant mind thinks.
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