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Honda GX620 20HP cutting off...

I have a Honda is a 10kW welder/generator that sees infrequent use.

I tried to start it today and let it run. No luck so I guesses that the card was gummed up. I keep it dosed with Sea-Foam and after pulling the carb and opening it up I find that it was very clean.

Here's what I tested for:
  1. fuel pump,OK
  2. Spark, OK
  3. Float and needle, OK

I was unable to unscrew the main jet. The brass jet was very hard to break so I left it in after blowing on it and getting air to pass.

I reassembled the carb and the engine fired with the choke. After playing with the choke the engine decided to run with the choke in the off position.
I thought the problem was solved, this machine had sat longer than normal and I guessed some fresh gas solved the problem.

Wrong, after a minute or three she cut off.

There is a fuel solenoid on the bowl that kills the fuel. I need to test for power when the engine cuts off.

The oil measures a little low but until I fill it up to the top I will not know if oil may be the culprit.

Anyway, I was brain storming and in hopes some LS engine gurus might be able to shed some light on something I am missing.

Thanks in advance,

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