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Originally Posted by cpllawncare View Post
I agree, it makes sense to the customer who understands you're a business not a hobbyiest, I explain that we're a full time professional landscaping company we're not the kid from down the street or joe blow doing it on the side. This is where image is so important, how do you dress when you go to an appointment? do you listen and take notes when the customer is talking? do you drive up in a fred sanford truck? it makes a difference.
A.) Not full time yet..... This does NOT make me any less professional. I carry insurance, drive a professional looking rig, and do good work. I have a picture thread if anyone cares to critique.

B.) Every estimate is company polo with Carhartt pants or cargo shorts unless approached while working but even then I am usually still in a polo or logoed t-shirt.

C.) I use a estimating clipboard (aluminum type) with a note pad. I still have old note pads with all sorts of notes on them. Hand out business cards upon meeting etc.... Take pictures of landscape while there for review later.

D.) I have a full website.

I have that image set just fine just looking at ideas for this upcoming season.
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