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I used Holganix this year in combination with the second pre-emerge in April and two of my fertilizations. My third fertilizer I used SumaGreen and also used SumaGreen on some newly seeded fescue lawns. Most of my lawns are zoysia then bermuda then fescue.
I also used Holganix on my shrub sprays combined with insecticide.
Our area experienced the worst drought since I don't know when but certainly since I moved here in 1989.
I am confident Holganix is a good product. My customers shrubs were noticeably healthier and that in a stressful year. Holganix also kept up on the lawns with the exception of some which I went back to apply Lesco fertilizer but they were few among the many. Since it is an organic product there will be that hit and miss due mainly to soil health. Know that I added a small amount of nitrogen and a product called StayN to keep the nitrogen from dissipating. I didn't lose money although Holganix is expensive because I combined treatments allowing less labor costs. I also reduced chemical,pre-emerge use by 30% and urea by 80%.
I had the most disease in zoysia this year due to shallow watering plus drought and overwatering. Most of my customers have irrigation. I thought Holganix would aid in preventing disease but I learned I would need to double the rate from 7oz to 14 oz per 1000. I also kept my rates low and should of notched it up a couple of ounces.
I am not sure if I will use Holganix next year. SumaGreen ,I just was not impressed. It is half the cost of Holganix ( I think) but Holganix has 23 or so other ingredients whereas SumaGreen just has a zillon microbes. You can correct me on that if I am wrong. But it is my observation frankly I have been so busy this year I had little time or mind to do an accurate evaluation.
Keep in mind Holganix needs frigeration hey supplied me with a commercial size refrigerator. The Holganix people were easy to work with although the sales rep. did most of the work for them.
Holganix may be one of those products that if you keep in your program, there will be good results over time.
Since I started using and learning about biological products I have become a little burnt out with all the avenues it takes you. I would like to just keep it simple and maybe continue using Holganix with it's reduction in chemicals & nitrogen and offer compost topdressing and compost tea as extra services. It will not address and correct every soil properly but it beats NPK and the whole hog chemical approach. If a serious deficiency develops then it can be addressed.
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