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Originally Posted by StanWilhite View Post
I think the thing that should be pointed out about your statement "Bad Boy is a price point mower" is, to me, that insinuates that "Bad Boy" is made cheaper... and that's just not the case at all.

The fact that is, Bad Boy is built every bit as heavy (and in a lot of cases, heavier) than the competition ....all the way from very the bottom of the line (that you see at TSC) to the very top of the line (powered by a Caterpillar diesel engine). It's just that they are "priced" cheaper than the competition's equally built mower.

My Lightning isn't even the "top of the line" Bad Boy and it still sold for 8400.00 in 2009, so you can't say that Bad Boy is a "price point" mower, meaning they're "cheap". The insinuation that "BB's are built cheaper" just isn't accurate. It's just that, you can take whatever money you DO have to spend, and buy more machine from BB than from the competition.

As I've said before, one of my sons has a 260 Gravely and I like Gravely. But when you park his machine beside mine, it's clear at a glance which is built the heaviest....and mine has a LC 26 Kaw while his has an AC 26 Kaw. The fact is also that the Gravely lists for more than my BB listed for.

What is accurate is the fact that in my case, I bought a whole lot more mower for 8400.00 than any other brand I looked at....and I looked at a lot.
Ill say it again its a price point mower.

Its funny my buddy comes on here a month giving a review on his kubota mower and it changes into bb is the best ever made.

Every bb thread states msrp prices on main stream mowers and then says how low the bb price compares. Its a price point mower just on how it is spoken even in this thread.

I don't shop mowers based on price. I base it on quality of cut, build, and dealer support. Figure the cost of operation and then base it off those items. True otd prices compared from main stream and non main stream mowers don't change the cost of operation much over the life of the mower. After you factor resale pricing there isn't a difference if you know how to buy sell.

But back to the thread. Long time kubota owner (think he has owned over 10 kubotas that I have seen) is switching because their newer model gearboxes are not holding up. Went from diesel to gas also (he bought his first gas dodge this year but still has 11 and 06 diesels). The exmark he felt would operate less per hr and felt the dealer would take care of him. He tried toro (diff deck) and scag (felt more in the dust being lower, I think the deck wasn't pitched right).

It was a review with over 20 yrs of being in the industry in the op.
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