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Originally Posted by GMLC View Post
Im cursed as I spent most of my teenage years working at my uncles fabrication/machine shop. I was in charge of quality control for several of those years which involved testing welds with x-rays, reading blue prints and specs, setting up jigs and a lot of time on Auto-CAD. All before becoming a master technician by my mid 20's. It doesnt take me long to look at any equipment and form an opinion which I feel Im highly qualified to do. As I said before spend some time at a machine shop and learn about production methods and fabrication. Actually maybe you shouldnt because you may end up like me.....

I would also suggest you write a detailed review of your BB with tons of pics of your machine inside and out. Also please include cut quality pics at all angles and even at ground level.
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I can appreciate your background, in fact, I took my first welding course in that's what, about 43 years ago? And how long after that were you born?

I still weld occasionally now (in my own shop), so I guess you could say I know a little about what a good weld looks like too...and the ones on my Bad Boy Lightning all look great. Most done by robotic welders like BB (and other name brands) use, do look good. Because, as I'm sure you know, they're more precise, and consistent, than "human hands".

You also say that you don't like BB because they use a "simpler design that is cheaper to make". To that I say, GREAT! As long as it doesn't adversely affect the build quality, that's what I want! Cosmetics that cost extra don't mow the grass any better....and they certainly do nothing for the longevity of the mower. They do one thing....they cost more. If that's what you're after, go for it.....but I'll keep my money.

As for taking pics of my work, I'm not here to push BB, I just get annoyed when people with no experience at all with them, pretend to know more than people like me that have actually owned and operated them for years.

To the OP. Once again I apologize. I won't reply again, no matter how ridiculous the statements about BB get.
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