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Originally Posted by MDLawn View Post
The other thing with the mulch work is most of my jobs are not just slinging mulch. It's tons of edging, trimming bushes, general clean up and anywhere from 2-12 yards of mulch. Full days of work for each job. I really don't like mulch only jobs. They just look like hell without good edging and trimmed bushes. Nothing I'd want to stamp my name on. I do one 7 yard job where the homeowner "edges" and trims. Ugh.....looks good but I know it would look much better if I did the whole job. But it would more than double the price and I think he knows that.

ANYWAYS.......keep the ideas flowing.
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Properties are edged weekly here including the beds during the most active time of growth, when we go EOW obviously so does the edging. Most customers will choose to have the shrubs included in their service because if they are not going out in the heat to mow the lawn or do not have the time, they will not for the shrubs either, so generally speaking that is already taken care of.

If they are a new customer and the previous LCO did not address these ....there is a " clean up" cost incurred prior to taking the account on.
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