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Originally Posted by MDLawn View Post
A.) Not full time yet..... This does NOT make me any less professional. I carry insurance, drive a professional looking rig, and do good work. I have a picture thread if anyone cares to critique.

B.) Every estimate is company polo with Carhartt pants or cargo shorts unless approached while working but even then I am usually still in a polo or logoed t-shirt.

C.) I use a estimating clipboard (aluminum type) with a note pad. I still have old note pads with all sorts of notes on them. Hand out business cards upon meeting etc.... Take pictures of landscape while there for review later.

D.) I have a full website.

I have that image set just fine just looking at ideas for this upcoming season.
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I wasn't putting the part time guys down, I started out part time as well. I don't even have a full website yet, as for the rest sounds like you got the right idea.
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