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It was previously noted just because thats the way it was always done doesn't mean that's the way it should be done. I agree with that, but in this instance don't believe it to be completely true.

As a business owner you should realize that customers control the market not the other way around. If a customer balks at paying monthly I will not drop them. I won't throw away good money because the customer wants to walk out, say hi and hand me a check when I am loading up. If I don't then they will find someone who will.

I also agree it is a money management issue. I know that what I make from April until November has to carry me through the winter. Some people do not have the ability to plan and budget a weekly paycheck let alone planning what you are going to need 10 months down the road. I am not saying any poster of this thread can't. I don't know if you can or not.

You have found what works best for you. Others have found what works best for them. That's the beauty of owning your business. You get final say in what is best.
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