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Originally Posted by Landscape Poet View Post
Again so standards are just different?????? No matter if it is the property mgr or the business owner who lives next to you owns that property....they see that their is work to be done and are willing to pay for it...according to you at their business......but they do not have the same standards for their home.....most likely their largest investment they own?
Business image is everything. I do a commercial account where I mow the business and the owners house. He cares about the appearance of both of them. There are others where I have no idea where the owner lives. Their lawn could look great or it could be a foot tall. Commercial accounts want their business to reflect an image of professionalism which includes the exterior. Most resi customers just want their grass shorter than before you showed up. We have per cut, and yearly contracts. Yearly contracts are the way to go if you can sell it to your customers.
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