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Originally Posted by jomeokee View Post
I have a Honda is a 10kW welder/generator that sees infrequent use.
Honda GX620; got a serial number? I can look up service information (troubleshooting, service bulletins, etc.). Should be on the side of the block and in the form of "GCAD-1234567" or "GCARK-1234567" (gasoline models).

Bulletins for the all GX620's include:
Ignition Coil Air Gap (1994)
Engine Misfire / Hard Restart (1996)
Cold Starting (1998)
Recurring Spark Plug Fouling (2004)
Camshaft Replacement (2001)
Improved Valve Lifter Assembly (2001)
Low Oil Pressure (2007)

Caveat: I work for Honda, but the preceding is my opinion alone.

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