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No price dropping here, show confidence in your original estimate, dropping the price shows you were trying to get one over on them. When you hire me you are also paying for reliability and trustworthyness, for instance if your lawn doesn't need cut this week I am not the one to gouge you, I will go to the next yard and catch it next week. I have landed alot of jobs offering this, I got an extra $35.00 off a job, the original company was cutting it for $65.00 and was trying to cut it once a week, I came in and bid $100 and thought I was lowballing myself by $25.00 already. She told me what they charged and how they were trying to mow once a week and bump it up $10.00 each time. I said well $100 is my bid and I have to stay with that, obviously they way under bid it. It took me 4 hrs to mow and weed wack the first time and got it down to 3 hrs the second time and was invited back in the spring.
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