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Originally Posted by yardguy28 View Post
it's worked for me the entire time i've been in business so no reason for to me fix something that isn't broken.
Exactly. It is amazing to me how often people try and re-invent the wheel. I'm not knocking those who work with monthly contracts, because I'm sure that in some areas of the country, especially Florida, they make sense. Here, where the normal season is around 7 months, with generally a slow period mid-summer, even in a normal rainfall year, they don't.

I've noticed that many times posters try to equate monthly contractual billing with telephone service or insurance. That is a classic case of attempting to compare apples to oranges. I use my cell phone very little. Some months I won't have 60 minutes of usage. But, it is available to me 24-7, if I need it. Insurance is something one hopefully will never use, but will provide coverage far in excess of the actual premium.

Virtually all service-based work is billed after the fact, and the charge is generally based on the work rendered. You don't pay your mechanice a monthly flat fee, you pay for the required repairs or maintenance.
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