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Originally Posted by MOturkey View Post
You don't pay your mechanice a monthly flat fee, you pay for the required repairs or maintenance.
You want to talk apples to oranges who would use a mechanic for 27-34 weeks straight? You're paying them for major services not weekly routine maintenance.... And if cars actually required weekly routine maintenance I'd think a lot would sign up for a simple monthly payment plan. And with a mechanic payment is due or they keep the car, not bill you 4 weeks after the work is completed.

Also in my mind was to bill out for the actual cutting season. So if it is from April to Nov you would divide the cost between those months. I would actually offer some small discount, say 5%, to sign up for automatic payments that were paid either the 1st of the service month or the 15th. But I'd think you would need to include more things in that monthly payment than just lawn mowing. Such as once a month stuff like bed edge redefining, trimming bushes, pulling weeds, just general property maintenance that is well lined out in an agreement or contract. Basically just general good care of the property. Any big jobs are billed out seperately, just like a mechanic.

I take care of a small office of a friend of mine and we were billing out this and that and this and that. This year I'm taking that total, adding a small percent increase, and stating that I'm doing lawn maintenace and trimming & mulching 3 times per season for $XXXX amount. He'll write the check in a day. Some people don't want to be bothered with constant bills, they just want the work done.

Here's the catch though. Some new or not quite fully established person (possibly myself) cannot walk on scene and demand things such as straight monthly billing and such. If you do however have a good brand going I think you can do such things. If you're wanted enough, you can probably dictate such things. Until then most will probably shrug you off when it comes to things like monthly bills.
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