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Originally Posted by Skipster View Post
I found a few things in Ric's post that would make a soil scientist cringe. Farmer's are primarily concerned with compaction only once - -the first time a field put in production. After that, tillage is all about weed control. The no-till movement has shwn us that we don't need to plow fields to plant crops.

But, to the larger point, soil isn't mentioned much in lawn care because it's not very easy to change. It's hard enough to get customers buy aeration services sometimes, nevermind convincing them to make drainage repairs, grade adjustments, or add soil amendments.

Maybe what you're getting at is that we should be a bit more fluent in how our treatments impact and are impacted by the soil already in place. That much I agree. However, I don't think an Advanced Agronomy Forum is needed -- there's too much misinformation here. Such a forum exists today -- the C5 Turfgrass Division of the Crop Science Society of America.


Rather than trying to be a PITA, Why don't you re-read the entire post paying attention to the dates these posts were written and how they answer the original question.

If you feel you can do a better job, be my guess with my blessings. But don't pull a Kiril and post a few links and tell people to figure it out for themselves. I wasn't the only one to put forth an effort to try and help Lawnsite members. So don't knock people who are trying, help them.


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