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eh, 3 acres will take a while with a walk behind. I'm with Kajun, seemed you were gonna clear the whole thing. if you're not messing with the trees or palmetos or whatever u call those things down there, I think a walk behind cutter would work fine, just take awhile and be killer on your body. I've used a Billy Goat cutter several times in the past. I make a lot of $ on those types of jobs. But I take the ones nobody else wanted to do because it was on the side of a steep, slippery hill or infested with briars or whatever other reason. But I charge accordingly. It's a PITA but it's worth it to me. But then again, I don't do 3 acres at a time either. You might want to consider renting a compact tractor and bush hog. youll have it done in a few hours, if not itll take you 2 days, that's if you work fast. If you decide to rent something, be sure to factor that in to your bid. Good Luck
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