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Stihl electric handhelds

So 2 cycle oil runs 32.00 a gallon
A retune kit with the air filter, fuel filter and plug 15.00
Gas around me is going for 3.539 a gallon
For sake of an example echo Srm 225 200.00
Total 749.26

The battery trimmer
2 batteries @ 260 each 520
Trimmer. @ 300
Rapid charger @90
Total 910

I think the factor that even I forget is just because the trimmer is in my hand doesn't mean I can count the time moving from one obstacle to another as run time.

I personally believe that this is not the end all be all but an additional tool that could be used. For example if I wanted to start at a complex earlier then 8am I would be able to because the trimmer would make significantly less noise then the gas powered one.

The last question I have it how would you figure a charging cost if you are using your vehicle as the point of power?
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