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>I think the factor that even I forget is just because the trimmer is in my hand doesn't mean I can count the time moving from one obstacle to another as run time.

That was what I was thinking. The run-time may not sound that long, but the question is really how much can you get done with it. Do you really spin the string for an hour in a day, or even more?

>I personally believe that this is not the end all be all but an additional tool that could be used. For example if I wanted to start at a complex earlier then 8am I would be able to because the trimmer would make significantly less noise then the gas powered one.

Interesting. Again, my perspective is skewed as a homeowner, but I personally work weird hours, which leaves me gardening at weird hours.
I bought a BR500 blower knowing that I was sacrificing power, for something that I could regularly use (sometimes after dusk) without annoying my neighbors (or waking the children).
I think professionals might feel that sacrificing power for quiet is a bad tradeoff, but they say that these units are "professional" power, whatever that is worth.

>The last question I have it how would you figure a charging cost if you are using your vehicle as the point of power?

Well, this is a little more difficult. An engine at idle wastes so much energy that a little extra strain on the alternator may not be measurable at all. OTOH, the efficiency of a car/truck engine is MUCH lower than the efficiency of a power company's generator.
I'd venture to say that at a worst case, assuming you don't idle your vehicle more just to charge batteries, the cost of charging in vehicle might be 4-5x the cost of charging from utility power.
My original assumption was you'd have enough batteries and chargers in the shop to have enough batteries ready to grab in the morning and go (so you wouldn't need the quick charger).
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