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At a Crossroad...

I'm at a crossroad in my life. In 2 years I will be graduating high school. I have 2 passions: 1. to be a game warden/K-9 officer, 2. Owning a small construction company. One part of me says join the Marines and serve my country and get my college degree while I'm in, and then strive to be a game warden/Cop. The other I see myself working on my own and digging in the dirt. I'm the kind of guy that no matter what I do I'm going to do it right. It might take me longer than others. If your not going to do it right then whats it worth doing.

I know getting into the business is not should I say a walk in the park. There's going to be complications of course. I just have 2 passions and I want to make the right choice. I dont want to look back 15 years down the road and say I should of done that that or this.

Any advice would be strongly appreciated.

Thanks, Noah
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