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My state allows a person to pick up temp work while collecting UI.

For every day you work you lose 25% of your weekly benefit.

So when you file your weekly report all they ask is did you work any days during this period. So if you worked 3 days you lost 75% of your weekly benefit. You are never asked how much you made or who you worked for.

When you file next week and asked did you work any days and you answer no you then get your full UI benefit.

So when it snows you could call them back for that one or two days per storm. You pay them on the books for those 2 days of work and they still stay on unemployment.

I guess the states logic letting you get your foot in the door some where with temp work may get you off UI quicker.

Edit to add temp work is you are not scheduled to go to work. You are hired to work a day or two during a benefit week, though you could be called in to work 5 days in a week. Though I sure that if you start telling the UI dept that you are working at least 4 days every week, after week will send up red flags to the UI dept.

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