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Originally Posted by noahb195 View Post
I'm at a crossroad in my life. In 2 years I will be graduating high school. I have 2 passions: 1. to be a game warden/K-9 officer, 2. Owning a small construction company. One part of me says join the Marines and serve my country and get my college degree while I'm in, and then strive to be a game warden/Cop. The other I see myself working on my own and digging in the dirt. I'm the kind of guy that no matter what I do I'm going to do it right. It might take me longer than others. If your not going to do it right then whats it worth doing.

I know getting into the business is not should I say a walk in the park. There's going to be complications of course. I just have 2 passions and I want to make the right choice. I dont want to look back 15 years down the road and say I should of done that that or this.

Any advice would be strongly appreciated.

Thanks, Noah
Id join the ROTC and go full bore Marine and stick with it for 25 years and get fulll retirement. Dont overlook the Army, its eaiser to stick with and generally has more opportunities.
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