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Originally Posted by MDLawn View Post
Probably the best route is to have options for them. Kind of what I stated above. You could pay for each service and the end of the month or pay a fixed rate with a small discount showing it could be less with the fixed plan. I'd rather have the money at the start of a month rather than at the end. Gives you something to operate with.

Separately, people are comparing this to plumbers, mechanics, doctors, dentists which to me is still apples to oranges. NOT ONE of these above do you use weekly, not one. Yes they provide a service but not a recurring one so absolutely payment is paid on demand. Just like doing a large mulch job or patio installation and even some of those require progress payments if they are large enough. I don't see them as a true maintenance service, they are a repair/install type of service which again is not weekly maintenance item. You PLAN on mowing every week during the growing season or am I just the oddball out thinking that I NEED and/or PLAN to service weekly.
Some valid points, but I do think the analogy is valid, because even though the frequency of service provided by most vendors is considerably less often than the average weekly service involved in lawn care, the principle is still same. I had accounts I didn't service for as long as 6 weeks this year due to the drought. I don't see a problem with offering customers the option of monthly payment options if one wishes, but I think, in most markets, attempting to make this a mandatory way of doing business, would be a tough sell.
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