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I found a picture of the leaf pile in the background of one of my equipment pics i took this year so i will be showing her this. Thanks for all of the advise. I called her about 30 minutes ago setting up a meeting tomorrow morning to go over everything with her. I have 14 pages of email in the last year. she has never given me any trouble and has been a customer for over 6 years. The worst thing i can do is act rashly to this news, i myself need to lose the stress factor of this and act reasonable and hear her side of the story. If she is going to try to tell me that i wasnt on her property, i will show her the pictures and my log books that my employees take care of when they get to a property and when they leave a property. Ive never had this happen to me before so im not sure how i can get what i am owed out of her nicely.

I have a great attorney lawyer who does everything for me for free, and he will send her a note and file a lien. i just didnt want it to come to that. Breaking up a relationship over 500 dollars is rediculas IMHO when she has paid out over 14k the last 6 years of doing business with her. Its just nonsense that now, for some reason she is suprised.

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