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Originally Posted by CowboysLawnCareDelaware View Post
Yes your right, I would also like to advise you not to "throw" all of the papers at her at once. Maybe just a couple with the prices high-ligthed. Let her know that she has always been a great customer and if she will sign on again for next season right then, that you will cut the costs in half (or drop them all together, your call).

I didn't recall you saying she was a great customer, that's why we were all saying to file court document warnings.

Thats exactly my problem. Sure, she is stubborn and wants stuff done correctly, but that is why she hired me and has had me for so long! I do good work and i stand by my work and to be told i wasn't there for a month and a half pisses me off.

I try to be as professional as possible while i am working, and that is where the success of our company comes in. We have a good image and do good work and always leave our equipment and job sites clean .

I take my work way to personally and it causes me to have less and less motivation each year when i have to deal with this. We had a great season and finally collecting money owed to us, and having to deal with this, isnt a good way to end it.

I dont want to eliminate charges because its not a miscommunication, its almost a scam. I know she knows that we were there, and if she doesn't she has to have some sort of memory loss(she's close to 75 prob)

Normally these fall clean ups would be double the price but since she is my gf's neighbor i always offer her a great price to keep her business and since i have a couple of neighbors as clients it was an easy extra account to add.

Thats another thing to mention, i did three neighbors on her street, and my gf's families two houses the same day as i did hers. And they have all paid for services.

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